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From:Rene J Buesa

  Just an aclaration: Peloris is a tissue processor (TP) capable of rapid processing, but it is NOT a microwave TP. According with VisionBioSystems, Peloris can process 1.5 mm biopsies in 50 minutes, 3mm biopsies in 80 minutes and 6mm biopsies in 3 hours. The speed is the result of a proprietary rapid heating capability and high vacuum to accerate infiltration.
  This particular type of TP or any other for that matter, including microwave TP, do NOT affect the many histology tasks required during the pre-TP and post-TP steps, that remain independent of the processing rate.Tissue processors and how rapid they operate, affect just the time dedicated to TP during the whole workflow, that is independent of all other tasks.
  René J.

Zummak Melissa  wrote:
  I am in the same boat, we are looking at purchasing new processor(s)
very soon to go in the direction of rapid processing and would also like
to hear any comments, positive and\or negative about anyone's experience
with any model of processor. Anyone had any experience with the Peloris

Melissa Zummak
Alverno Clincal Labs 

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Our pathologists are interested in purchasing a microwave tissue
processor for smaller biopsies. I was wondering if anyone has any
positive and negative feedback. 

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