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From:"Morken, Tim"

Ruth asks; "Why would you get an associates degree, take an exam, then
apply for a job you can't do? Just a question."

Most of the resumes I get (dozens) are people with absolutely no
experience in histology (most are in biochemistry). Even when I do find
a real histotech, the pay compititon is brutal due to all the big
biotech firms in the area soaking up all the techs. It is so hard to
find experienced histology people that we mostly hire either college
grads or people from other fields whom we train. I would say the most
valuable skill a current histology manager could have is the ability to
train people on the job! The tough part is determining if a person is
capable of doing the job  - especially sectioning. In order to get
excellent sectioning skills we usually end up hiring hospital Histotechs
on a part time basis to do only that. So, if a person is interested in
histology and takes courses and even a certification test with that in
mind, I think that would be a person to take a serious look at since at
least they have the theoretical background to understand the job.

Tim Morken
ThermoFisher Scientific

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Why would you get an associates degree, take an exam, then apply for a
job you can't do? Just a question.
Ruth Yaskovich
National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Dental and Crainiofacial Research Neurobiology and
Pain Therapeutics Branch

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I was disappointed that the practical was discontinued, but I know there
were many logistical and other reasons for this. It has been our
practice for several years to administer a microtomy test to all
registered histology job applicants. At first, I was uncomfortable
asking applicants to do this but thought it was a 'necessary evil'.  I
have found all skill levels of cutting, and that this does not
necessarily relate to level of certification, years of experience or
resume. I have not asked anyone to perform any stains, but I do ask
questions relating to basic procedures.

Patti Loykasek BS, HTL, QIHC
PhenoPath Laboratories
Seattle, WA

> I couldn't agree more. I think that the practical is the more 
> important part of the exam. The stuff on the written can always be 
> looked up--but just knowing what is in a fixative etc. does not mean 
> one can cut good sections or troubleshoot a stain. My boss--a busy 
> Neuropathologist does not relish the idea of having to include 
> cutting, staining as part of a hiring interview!!!
> LuAnn Anderson HT(ASCP)
> At 09:37 AM 1/31/2007, Cheri Miller wrote:
>> I cant believe they stopped the practicum part of the test. I just
took it
>> a few years back. I would never be the tech I am had I not had to
>> and cut hundreds of slides looking for that perfect one or that
>> stain, tissue etc.  Just my opinion, Cheri
>> Cheri MIller HT ASCP Histology Supervisor, Phys Laboratory. Omaha Ne
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>> Are we discussing the HT or the HTL?
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>>         Funny how that test is so different every time...  I found
>> opposite to
>>         be true.  I had some questions on my cert. exam that were
word for
>> word out
>>         of the ASCP book.  I found the NSH series to be more of a
>>         Good luck to anyone taking the test!
>>         Rhonda B.
>>         On 1/29/07, MICHELLE SEAGLE  wrote:
>>> Don't waste your time or money on the ASCP practical exam
>> questions, what
>>> a waste.
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