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From:Jennifer MacDonald

The students in our program must hand in practical slides for grading 
throughout the semester, for 3 of our techniques classes.  They also must 
complete 240 hours of work experience in a histology laboratory.
One of the problems that I saw with the ASCP practical was the amount of 
cheating that went on.  Most are honest and do their best to hand in their 
own best work, but I know of facilities that were staining the slides and 
handing them to the applicants.  This is not a true measure of what each 
applicant is  capable of.
There were many applicants that handed in slides and had no idea what they 
were.  The collection of the tissue is often done by someone else. 
Automation is used to stain and coverslip and someone other than the 
applicant reviews the end product.
The "new" exam format should test for knowledge and the ability to trouble 
shoot.   The only two routes for the exam are graduation from a NAACLS 
accredited program or an AS degree (or equivalent) and one year 
experience.  It is expected that in the practical part of a HT program or 
during the 1 year experience the applicant develops the necessary 
microtomy skills.

Jennifer MacDonald

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01/31/2007 07:59 AM

Cheri Miller , 'Ra' ,, "Jeanine (CDC/CCID/NCZVED)' 'Bartlett" 
, Kaye Ryan 

RE: [Histonet] ASCP EXAM

I agree with you Kaye. This is the way future techs should be trained. I 
have  some lab assistants where I currently work who want me to OJT them. 
I refuse to because they are not in school or in a histo program.
Just my two cents.
Ron Martin, BS, HT (ASCP) HTL, QIHC

---- Kaye Ryan  wrote: 
> Actually I totally agree with you.  I have seen many people that are
> great at memorizing information and great at test taking but cannot for
> the life of them cut a quality section.  In our HT program we will NOT
> get rid of the practicum project they must do while in their clinical
> rotations.  If they don't pass their project, they do not pass the
> course.  I think this change has really put more pressure on the schools
> to make sure we graduate students that know how to cut a decent section
> as well as competent in the areas of troubleshooting.  We all hope that
> the schools do attain this goal but being in the profession of so many
> years I know that true troubleshooting abilities come with experience.
> Just my thoughts,
> Kaye
> Kaye Ryan
> Histology Manager/Educational Coordinator
> Shands Rocky Point Laboratories
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> >>> "Cheri Miller"  1/31/2007 10:37 AM >>>
> I cant believe they stopped the practicum part of the test. I just took
> it
> a few years back. I would never be the tech I am had I not had to
> practice
> and cut hundreds of slides looking for that perfect one or that
> perfect
> stain, tissue etc.  Just my opinion, Cheri
> Cheri MIller HT ASCP Histology Supervisor, Phys Laboratory. Omaha Ne
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> Are we discussing the HT or the HTL?
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>                Funny how that test is so different every time...  I 
found the
> opposite to
>                be true.  I had some questions on my cert. exam that were 
> for
> word out
>                of the ASCP book.  I found the NSH series to be more of a
> waste.
>                Good luck to anyone taking the test!
>                Rhonda B.
>                On 1/29/07, MICHELLE SEAGLE  wrote:
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>                > Don't waste your time or money on the ASCP practical 
> questions, what
>                > a waste.
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