[Histonet] Technovit 9100 new fails to polymerize

From:Andrejs Ivanovs

Hello, As I wrote you some weeks ago, we started to use Technovit 9100 Newfor tissue embedding. You helped me to solve my previous problems.=0AAnd I hope, you will help me to solve my present problems. Now the main problem is that we are having some troubles with thepolymerization of Technovit 9100 New. The polymerization mixture doesnot want to become hard. We filled 3 ml trial moulds with 3 ml ofpolymerization mixture. Moulds were vacuumed and sealed. We tried toperform the polymerization reaction at -30 degrees C, -20 degrees C,-4 degrees C, +4 degrees C, +20 degrees C. Technovit 9100 New failsto polymerize. After a week, the polymerization mixture becomesgelatinous but not hard (we cannot use EXAKT Cutting/Grinding systemwhen our blocks are like a jellyfish). We used the manufacturer'sprotocol. The preparation of the polymerization mixture was precise(I accurately prepared stock solutions several times). I cannotunderstand where the problem is… May be it is necessary to add more activator (dibenzoyl peroxide andN,N-3,5-tetramethylaniline). =0AMay be it is necessary to mix stock solutions A and B in anotherproportion (not 9:1). May be it is not necessary to use sealed moulds (however, in themanufacturer’s protocol it is written to use sealed moulds). What should I do? May be the polymerization of Technovit 9100 New is=0Aonly theoretically but not practically possible… Thank you in advance, Andrey 
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