[Histonet] HER2 and the 48 hour rule

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Hello Histonetters!
Maybe this has been discussed before, and if it has, I apologize in
advance, but I need a little input. Now that the CAP has mandated a 6
-48 hour window of fixation time for specimens that may have Her-2 neu
performed, what are you doing about weekend specimens? We JUST (after
25+ years) got rid of the need for techs to come in on Saturdays, and
would like to be able to continue this trend. However if a breast bx is
done at an outside account on a Thursday afternoon, and does not get
grossed by our staff until Friday, right now a our processors are set to
start up Sunday afternoon for Monday morning (Kind of over 48 hrs). So
here are my questions:
Do you set up the processor to sit in 70% OH after the formalin fix? Do
you let it sit in the paraffin from Saturday until Monday? (Is heat too
Or do I have to break the news to staff that if their name is up, and a
breast bx comes in, they're coming in Saturday am?
We do not have a microwave processor (yet), but soon.
Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated!

Daniel R Peterson HT(ASCP)
Histopathology Section Head
Meriter Laboratories

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