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From:Stacey Barrick

I agree. we also had LOTS of problems with the slide and waterbath. It was horrible. You have to keep replacing the material on the slide, the water does not flow evenly, etc. Too many problems.

Akemi Allison-Tacha  wrote:  Diddo with info below. The water bath attachment needs a lot of work. I used the microtome for TMA & recuts and loved it! Although, I'd go with the X,Y,Z attachment too, especially if you are doing recuts on precious tissue.

Akemi Allison-Tacha BS, HT(ASCP)HTL
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Specializing in Histology, IHC & TMA
Madison, WI
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It depends on the product since now Thermo, Fisher and Richard Allen 
are all 
under one umbrella. I too have always liked the Microm microtomes 
the HM 355S! But don't get sold into their slide waterbath 
contraption!! Not a 
good thing ;-)

Loralei Dewe 
UC Davis, Davis CA

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