Re: [Histonet] CAP regulations regarding storage of antibodies in frost free refrigerator freezers

From:Rene J Buesa

  About antibodies storage I only know about the following regulations:
  1-for refrigerator storage (nowadays all refrigerators are frost free) there has to be a log with daily temperature records, and the antibodies cannot be stored above their shelf expiration date;
  2-aliquots of concentrated antibodies (for any type of procedure) can be stored in deep freezers; the only safety regulation is that they cannot be thawed and refrozen.There has to be also a log with the daily temperature.
  René J.

"Breisch, Eric"  wrote:
  Hi Histonet-

Is anyone aware of new or existing CAP regulations regarding
the use of frost free refrigerator/freezers for the storage of
antibodies ie. IFA antibodies or IHC antibodies? Please advise if anyone
has information pertaining to Histology and the above mentioned use of a

Thank you,

Eric A. Breisch, Ph.D.

Clinical Anatomist

Rady Children's Hospital and Health Center

Associate Clinical Professor of Anatomy


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