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California does not require certification, but most facilities want ASCP 
certification.  Please go to to find out how to apply for 
certification.  There are two routes for HT certification eligibility. 
Route 1 is graduation from a NAACLS accredited program.  Route 2 is an 
associate degree (or equivalent, with 12 semester hours of biology and 
chemistry) and one year full time experience in a histology laboratory. 
The only NAACLs accredited program in California is here at Mt. San 
Antonio College.  If you have access to a histology laboratory there are a 
couple of other options.  Check out for schools that offer 
alternative education opportunities.
Jennifer MacDonald
Mt. San Antonio College

"Charles  Scouten"  
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[Histonet] A question to the Histonet Webmaster

The following was erroneously sent to, the site for
pictures to be posted by histonetters.  I will reply with instructions
for getting on the histonet.  Meanwhile, does anyone have an answer?

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textfield2 = Marianna

textfield3 = Thank God I hbe found you.
I am looking for certification in California.
I have not worked for 10 years as a Histo Tech, since I moved to Maui. 
At that time there were no labs open all the work was being sent to
Now I have returned to California and desire to work but find that it is
not easy without certification.
I have 15 years experience before going to Hawaii.  When I last worked I
did not need my certification.
Please tell me where I can get my certification on line or a local
Mary Vaha
I have worked with all levels of Histology using sliding microtome
(nitrocellulose,rotary, cryostate and all embedding media ... because my
work was primarily in research)



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