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From:Andrejs Ivanovs

Hello, In our lab, we are working with EXAKT Cutting/Grinding system. Fortissue embedding, we started to use Technovit 9100 New embeddingmedium. I have some questions regarding the use of this medium. My first question concerns the storage of destabilized basicsolution. In the brochure, it is written that this solution can bestored at 4 degrees C for SHORTER PERIODS or at -20 degrees C forLONGER PERIODS of time. What does it mean to store for SHORTER andLONGER PERIODS of time? Days? Weeks? Years? My second question concerns re-use of some solutions. Is it possibleto use the solutions for pre-infiltration and infiltrationrepeatedly? If it is possible, how should these solutions be stored? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Andrey Ivanov
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