Re: [Histonet] antigen retrieval on cryosections

From:"Greg Dobbin"

If your tissues are not formalin (or aldehyde) fixed, then antigen 
retrieval is not required. 

Date sent:      	Thu, 19 Jan 2006 08:39:04 -0600
From:           	"Till, Renee" 
Subject:        	[Histonet] antigen retrieval on cryosections

> Any helpful hints for keeping cryosections on the slide during antigen
> retrieval? I am not very experience in cryosections used for immunos,
> but they have cd markers that have to be antigen retrieved. Using the
> same retrieval as I do however often makes the sections come off the
> slides. I believe they use just Superfrost Plus slides. Would any
> other type of slide help? Right now they use Citra Plus in the
> microwave for 2 minutes on power 10, then 10 minutes on power 1. That
> is what I do for my paraffin sections and it is fine. Perhaps less
> time? Or even a different antigen retrieval solution? I have asked for
> help with problems before that this lab has had. They always hire
> techs for everthing else and want me to teach them the histo part of
> it. 
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