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From:"Linda Blazek"

The first thing I would check is to see if there was any additive to the waterbath.  By putting an adhesive in the water bath the sections are almost guaranteed to fall off.  Next I would be sure the slides were well dried.  I put mine in the oven over night at 56 degrees C. 
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>>> "Osborn, Sharon"  01/16/2006 1:08:31 PM >>>

    One of our techs cut ovary at 5u paraffin sections placed on charged
slides.  These were air dried but not deparaffinized in the oven. The
researcher deparaffinized through zylene then placed in the pressure cooker
at 60 for antigen retrieval.  The tissue came off.  Our first remedy is to
oven deparaffinize the slides then do the retrieval process.  If that is not
successful, what is the solution(s) for this problem.  Our senior IHC tech
suggested gelatin subbing on the slides but did not think that would solve
the problem.  Would there be too much background with the gelatin should it
be successful?  What is your experience in what works best.
    Much thanks...
Sharon Osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA

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