Re: [Histonet] Dry Stains Shelf Life

From:Rene J Buesa

Hi Sharon:
  My personal experience is that good quality dry stains are very stable and can be used "to the end" without any fear.
  As an example I can tell you that in the 1960s I was still using dry stains manufactured by Merck (Darmstad, Germany) just after the "Great War", meaning the First World War.
  What I used to do in terms of inspections was to place a label on the bottles with dry stains stating: "no expiration date".
  Hope this will help.
  René J.

Sharon E Willman  wrote:
What is the expiration time for dry stains and how often should you 
replenish? Many times they do not have expiration dates on them when 
they come in from the manufacturer. 
I would appreciate any information on this matter.
Sharon Willman

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