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Check out the Thermo Shandon "Para Trimmer", SKU (catalog number): B3120205
Web page:

~ Ford

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Thermo is offering Shandon PARA trimmer, a "paraffin melter" that we are
currently using in the lab to trim off the excess of paraffin from our
block. It is really efficient and honestly less messy that the wax chips
scattering everywhere. We usually use plastic cup to collect melting wax.
Have a good one.


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Subject: [Histonet] Need Some Heat!

Hi to all of those out in Histoland...

I was hoping to get some help.  I have an employee who is suffering from
tendonitis, and she feels that scraping blocks before trimming is adding to
her injury.  I know that there is some sort of device "out there" that uses
heat to melt the excess wax from the outside of the block so that it will
fit into the microtome chuck.  Does anyone know of a type of heat block or
hot knife that could accomplish this?  I am looking for something that will
collect the melted wax so that we don't have a huge mess to clean up after a
day's work.

Thanks for your time,

Mike Cupello.
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