Re: [Histonet] mucicarmine in the microwave??

From:Rene J Buesa

You can greatly reduce the time if after blueing the hematoxylin you heat the slides in mucicarmin in a MW to reach 60C and keep the slides at that temp. x 10 min.
  The MW should have a temperature probe or you have to keep adding energy bursts to keep the temp. a 60C At the end of the 10 min wash quickly with dist. water → 95% ethanol → light green for  1 min. → dehydrate → clear → mount.
  If your MW oven does not have a temp. probe, you can heat the slides in 50 mL of the mucicarmin sol. for 35 sec.s, take the slides to a water bath at 60C and repeat the heating step every 5 mins. during a total of 20 min. (or more, depending on the "age" of the mucicarmin sol.
  Ren J. wrote:
  I have a tech that is telling me mucicarmine can be done in the 
microwave...Is this true? I didnt think it was a good idea to microwave mucicarmine. 
Any procedures..or thoughts would be great! 

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