Re: [Histonet] cresyl violet

From:Rene J Buesa

Hi Mohana:
  For neurons I always preferred Tress & Tress formula.
  Sol.A: dist. water → 100mL + acetic acid→0.01 mL + cresyl violet→ 0.5g
  Sol.B: chloroform→75mL + abs.ethanol→12.5 mL+ ether→12.5mL
  Sol.C: hydrochloric acid→0.003 mL in 100 mL 95% ethanol.
  Sol.D: sodium bicarbonate→ 0.01g + 95% ethanol→ 100 mL
  dewash-hydrate sections→ Sol.Ax 30 min. at 50║C →wash→to% ethanol until no more blue washes out→ sol.B x 2-5 min.→ sol.C until differentiation is complete→ sol.D x 2-3 min→ wash in 95% ethanol→ dehydrate with acetone→clear→cover slip.
  Hope this will help.
  RenÚ J.
MOHANA  wrote:
  hello !!

i am doing a cresyl violet staining to study the neurons in chick hippocampus.....but d staining sometimes does nt cm..... any suggestions why??
n does this stain helps to understaind neuronal morphology ??



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