RE: [Histonet] optimal thickness for cutting of IHC sections

From:"Patsy Ruegg"

I come from a Hematopathology background where thinner is better, but for
general purposes especially for IHC I cut 4 micron thick sections.  I find
that tissues thinner than 3 microns can stain very pale by IHC methods.

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We use 4 Ám for everything unless the pathologist wants a thinner section.
I haven't cut a thicker section in over 5 years.

Jacquie Poteete MT(ASCP)QIHC
Lead Technologist, IHC Laboratory
Saint Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK 

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  A 5 Ám thichness is the general standard for most laboratories and we used
it, BUT
  (there is always a "but" isn't it) if we were targeting a nuclear epitone
we  tried a 
  little thicker (6-7 Ám) and for cytoplasmic ones we tried somewhat thinner
(ca. 4 Ám).
  This approach was also used for histochemistry procedures: at least 6-7 Ám
  reticulum staining in bone marrows.
  I hope this will help you!
  RenÚ J.

"Harrison, Sandra C."  wrote:
  Hi Histonetters,

Is 5 microns the norm for IHC sections? What is considered optimal?



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