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From:"Malcolm McCallum"

I haven't seen one of these, but I have a suggestion that might help you.  At auto parts stores (like autozone) they sell stuff for replacing gaskets in automobiles.  It comes in a tube like glue.  Figure that automobiles operate at high heat and pressures, maybe it will work. Worse case scenario, you might find yourself scraping of the gasket, which frankly isn't that big of a deal once it is dry.  Maybe it will work?  Anyone out there familiar with the product I am refering to you might suggest a yes or no!
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From: on behalf of Martha Ward
Sent: Wed 1/4/2006 11:49 AM
Subject: [Histonet] cellmarque pressure cooker

I hope someone can help me.  We received an electric Princess Pressure
cooker, model DYB 350 when we ordered some Trilogy a while back.  I need
to find a replacement gasket but have been unable to find the company
(Princess) online so I can get this part.  Has anyone else had this
problem?  CellMarque no longer carries these cookers and was unable to
help me.  I hate to purchase a new pressure cooker when this one doing
fine for us, except for the gasket needing to be replaced.
Thanks in advance for any help ya'll can give me.

Martha Ward
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
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