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From:"Bugelski, Peter [CNTUS]"

Pathologists use H&E to tell live from necrotic every day.

For analysis, I'd use a mouse to draw around the necrotic areas.  I would
not try to get a computer to do this.

You could also use the "point counting" method of stereology.  You overlay
an array of points on you image and counts the points on live and the number
on necrotic.  According to the priciples of stereology, the ratio of
necrotic points:live points is proportional to % necrotic.

Either way, make sure you have an adequate and random sampling.  See any
text on stereology for giudance.

Publishing the data might be problematic.  Although I consider the approach
valid, since it is not "molecular" peer review could be an issue.

Good luck

Peter Bugelski, PhD, FRCPath

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Subject: [Histonet] H&E staining in solid tumors...

Can H&E staining be used to determine necrosis in solid tumors treated with
agents?  If yes, then would pink only staining signify areas of necrosis and
purple/pink staining areas of live/intact cells? Could precent necrosis be
then calculated using the areas of pink only versus purple/pink?
  Glenn M. Krasinski
  San Diego, CA

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