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From:Geoff McAuliffe

Dear Kristen:

    Your original posting (see below) gave no indication that you were 
familiar with perfusion for LM or EM. You did not ask for fixative 
composition, you just asked for "any suggestions". Given the broad scope 
of your question, the advice you got WAS helpful. The fixative 
combination for wanting to do both on the same tissue IS out there, but 
you have to be more specific in your question. The correct fixative 
combinatio will depend on:
1. Are you doing histochemistry? If so, what reaction? Pre-embedding or 
post-embedding reaction?
2. Are you doing immunohistochemistry? If so, what antigen? 
Pre-embedding or post-embedding reaction?
3. What plastic are you embedding in?
4. What routine stains do you need to do?
5. What part of the brain will you be looking at? The brain is a big place.
6. Do you need to do LM and EM on the same piece of tissue/same cells?

Advice on HistoNet is free. Some of it is quite good. Checking published 
papers in refereed journals and looking at the results is always a good 
idea, espcially given the cost of experimental animals.


Kristen Reynolds wrote:

I need advice on perfusion solutions for rat/monkey
brains.  I need to use the tissue for both light
microscopy and EM.  Any suggestions?

>Wow, I can't believe how rude of a response I got.  I
>thought this was for helpful comments.  I know how to
>perfuse for light microscopy and EM.  I just thought
>the fixative combination for wanting to do both on the
>same tissue might be out there.  I guess I won't be
>asking histonet anything anymore.
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