Re: [Histonet] charge codes for toenails

From:"Joe Nocito"

we have become the toenail capitol of South Texas remember "Joe the Toe"? We 
charge an 88304 for the nail itself and an 88312 for the PAS/Fungus. We use 
softening techniques also, but can't charge for them. Basically, nails are 
keratin and nor bone, therefore no decal. Of course, we always err on the 
side of caution because if we get audited by Medicare /Medicaid, we would be 
hard pressed to explain the decal charges.

a.k.a Joe the Toe
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX
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Subject: [Histonet] charge codes for toenails

> Fellow Techs,
> What charge codes are you using for nails? We do an H&E and a PAS for 
> fungus. We also soften the nail with amm. hydroxide before cutting it. Is 
> there a charge that can apply for the softening aspect of it? I know this 
> is not a  true decal but would the decal charge apply?
> Thanks,
> Ron
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