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Thanks for your suggestion! I had a look at the website and spoke to their 
US distributor, unfortunately, no-one has tested it in porcine tissue. I 
still want to try to find out the epitopes to see if there is a possiblity 
of cross-reactivity.

If I make any progress or I get any other responses I will definately let 
you know.
Thanks again for the suggestion.

> Yak--
> Couldn't you just stain with an antibody that stains Fibroblasts?
> of antibodies for staining Fibroblasts in human, mouse and rat tissues... ... Antibodies to human Fibroblasts. ...
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> I'd be interested in hearing what responses you get.  I'm working with endothelium cells.
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>  I have a question about cell characterization. I know this isn't exactly
>  your normal histology question but I've learnt so much from the people on
>  this list in the past I was hoping someone would have a suggestion.
>  We have started a primary cell culture from porcine anterior cruciate
>  ligament (ACL). We have so far harvested the ACL, minced it and placed the
>  pieces in culture to let the cells grow out of the pieces. After 5 days or
>  so we have cell out growth from the pieces, however, we have cells with a
>  variety of cell morphologies. I always thought we could generally tell
>  cell type from the cell morphology however, it is proving to be rather
>  difficult as we have a range of 'spindle-like' cells from very
>  spindle-like to sort of spindle like but a bit more triangular.
>  So, my question is: Does anyone know of a label/stain that can be used to
>  characterize (ideally ACL) fibroblasts so that we can prove that our cells
>  are ligament fibroblasts and not something else.
>  I have done a search in some cell culture books, on the web and of past
>  papers. I've even found images of what people think are ligament
>  fibroblasts growing out of ligament pieces (ACL and MCL) however, I can't
>  seem to find any information on characterizing these cells with something
>  more reliable than saying 'these are fibroblasts because they have the
>  characteristic spindle-like morphology'(am I not looking in the right
>  places or with the correct key words?). The closest I've come was a paper
>  on primary culture of urethra fibroblasts, which they identified as being
>  fibroblasts because they were not smooth muscle cells (labeled for SM
>  actin) or endothelial cells (labeled with an endothelial cell marker)!
>  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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