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I have used the equivalent to Supermount, only it was the Biomeda Crystal 
mount.  We did the liquid coverslip, generously over section, to let it set 
up then mounted a permanent coverslip over that.  Worked 
great.  Instructions tell you how to let this liquid coverslip dry before 
putting a permanent coverslip over the top.

In general, we air dry our beta gal stained whole tissues,  then 
counterstain with inhouse Nuclear fast red, rinse well with water,  air dry 
and mount a coverslip with a permanent mounting media.  No problems.

We hate messy mounting media that cause coverslip glissading (slip sliding 
around), and poor storage of goo that never sets up.

  At 09:38 AM 1/31/2005, you wrote:
>I have stained whole tissues for beta-galactosidase (X-gal) and am now
>cryosectioning the tissues. I have been fixing the sections in 4% PFA
>overnight at 4 degrees Celsius and cover slipping with 70% glycerol.
>Coverslipping with glycerol is a time-consuming pain in the butt so I've
>checked out glycerol vinyl alcohol aqueous (GVA) mounting solution (Zymed)
>and Supermount aqueous mounting medium (Biogenex) as alternatives. It
>appears that these products have not been tested with beta-gal staining,
>so I'm wondering if people use these products and/or  what people
>recommend. Thanks.
>Amanda MacFarlane, PhD
>Division of Nutritional Sciences
>Cornell University
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