Re: [Histonet] Use of Sta-On for Immuno stains

From:Patti Loykasek

I had a similar situation in a previous job. All H&Es, plus unstained levels
were cut by the main histology lab, and they used sta-on in the water bath.
I never had a problem with section fall off during immunos or non-specific
staining. Perhaps this is dependent on the amount of sta-on used in the
water bath? The majority of immunos I did cut myself, using a water bath
with only water in it.
Just my experience.

Patti Loykasek
PhenoPath Laboratories>

 I was just wondering how other labs are handling this situation:  For
> prostate and breast core biopsies we cut extra slides for potential immuno
> staining, 
> between the levels.  The problem is the use of adhesive in the water bath.
> Since we are cutting H&E's, there is the possibility of fall off during
> staining 
> if we DON'T use sta-on.  But using it increases the possibility of fall off
> during immunos staining.  And if we don't use the sta-on, we run the risk of
> fall off on ALL the cases the techs are cutting that day.
> I know there are lots of labs out there performing immunos, so I'd like to
> know how you've resolved this.
> Thanks,
> Karen
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