Re: [Histonet] Perfusion suggestions

From:John Kiernan

Is there nobody near you who understands the
ins and outs of perfusion fixation? What about
your boss? 

It isn't possible to give complete instructions in an
email reply. The answer to your "Any suggestions?"
has to be:  Get your boss to send you for a course
on EM techniques for research, and get her (or him)
to buy a few books for the lab. 

Your boss must have a large research grant to be doing 
EM work with monkey tissues. If he/she cannot answer 
your simple question, why doesn't she/he go to the
library, or send you there with clear instructions?

How did your boss get a grant to finance EM of 
monkey tissues without having a clue about how to 
do the work? 

Forward this reply to your mistress/master and 
advise him/her/it to: 
(a) go to the library
(b) buy a few books for the lab
(c) read in library and from books
(d) become a Histonet subscriber
(e) all of the above
(f) invoke Harry Potter baddy's curse upon me.
  John Kiernan
  London, Canada.
 Kristen Reynolds wrote:
> I need advice on perfusion solutions for rat/monkey
> brains.  I need to use the tissue for both light
> microscopy and EM.  Any suggestions?
> Kristen Reynolds
> UT Austin

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