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I guess there are a couple of ways to do this. I use a stage micrometer 
(you can google "stage micrometer" and find it on the pictures).  I 
take a picture of the ruler imprinted. Typically these rulers have a 
one millimeter ruler and 100 divisions of 10 micrometers each.  So, 
with the photo using the same scope and objective you go to any of 
these programs like NIH ImageJ and open the document (same size as the 
photos you are measuring). There is a command where you place the mouse 
on one end drag and click on the other end of the markings.  So, if you 
drag it over ten marking you then instruct the program that that 
distance is 100 micrometers.  Then using these settings you do your 
measurements and the measurements would then be very precise and will 
be in micrometers.  I do this with a different program but I know you 
can do it with ImageJ.
I hope this helps.

Dr.Rocio Sierra-Honigmann
Engineered Wound Repair Laboratory
Cedars Sinai Research Institute
Davis 1091

On Jan 20, 2005, at 10:02 AM, Subratab wrote:

> Dear Histo experts
> My friend is measuring glomerular surface area by using Image J 
> software. He
> is in trouble to get the unit of the area calculated by the software, I
> mean, if the calculated area is to be expressed in square milimeter or
> square micrometer.
> He is capturing the figures from microscope with X100 magnification
> (oil-emersion lense) and then analyzing the glomerular surface area by 
> the
> software in a computer.
> Could anybody please help to solve this.
> Sincerely
> Subrata Biswas
> University of Campinas
> SP, Brazil.
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