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Vapor fixation is an excellent way to fix frozen sections and thin
slices of tissue as the vapor dissolves in the tissue fluid and the
problem of loss of materials in solution is minimized.
Can use this method ith formalin, osmium tetroxide, alcohol etc.

The concentration of the formalin is not that important as long as there
is sufficient vapor.
The method you suggest should work fine. Don't need to worry about the
amount of fluid as long as there is sufficient to produce a good amount
of vapor and the tissue does not contact the fluid.
I would place the soaked cotton in the container, place a lid on it for
10 minutes or so to give time for vapor to be generated and then  add
the sections.
Of course the type (degree)of fixation as regards bond etc. that you
achieve still depends on the amount of time that you leave the tissue

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Has anyone ever fixed frozen sections with formaldehyde vapor? I have
in Bancroft and Stevens and they mention it as a suitable fixation. I
not find a protocol. My intention is to place a cotton ball soaked with
0.5ml of NBF in the bottom of a coplin jar, put slides in cover a leave
for 15 minutes.

Sound good?


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