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From:"Koelling, Ray"

Hi Gabriel,
I see your dilema.  The 2004 Serotec catalog lists MCA408S as a supernatant.
Can't find my old catalog and I haven't ordered for a while but my vial is
250 ul of MCA408 (no S) and is batch 050599.  It is from Aug 2001 and still
working nicely at 1:2000 or so.  Maybe a call to company can trace why the
#'s are different.  Possibly clone died off or drifted or they are trying to
re-establish it in vivo???

Raymond Koelling
Research Scientist-Pathology
Amgen Corp.

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Gabriel (IAF)(LAVAL)
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Serotec has a Rat anti-MBP under the catalogue number MCA408S but it is a
culture supernatant, is this what you are using at the dilution of 1:2000?
Usually supernatant are used pure or nearly-pure this is why I ask. If not
can you still order number MCA408 even if no longuer in the catalogue?



Gabriel Marceau
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From:	"Koelling, Ray"

for a couple of years we've run rat-antiMBP from Serotec (MCA408) on mouse
brain fixed 24 hours in NBF.  At 1:1000-1:2000 overnight at 4 degrees with
no retrieval what-so-ever. Then biotinylated rabbit anti rat and so forth.
Raymond Koelling
Research Scientist, Pathology
Amgen Corp.
Seattle, WA

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I have run a quick search in the archives and found nothing. Anyone with
experience with Myelin Basic Protein  immunohistochemistry in FFPE murine


Cynthia Favara
903 South 4th Street
Hamilton, MT 59840

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