[Histonet] frozens on fat to image GFP

From:"Patsy Ruegg"

Help!  Here is the situation.  An investigator wants me to cut fat tissue
(briefly paraformaldehyde fixed,snap frozen in OCT) which does not cut well,
so I had the brillant (I thought) idea of using the Instrumedics tape
transfer system.  I cut the sections and transfered them to the coated
slides, air dryed them, and they looked pretty good.  Since they want to
preserve the fat I thought I would just use some aqueous mount and put a cs
on them so they could look at the sections under UV.  Well there was some
kind of reaction from the ?water or glycerine or something that turned white
so we can't see the tissue.  Tryed soaking the slides in water to remove
mount, the cs came off put the white reaction did not.  so is the water
reacting with the polymer coating (?might be GMA).  Should I take these
sections thru solvent anyway to get them coverslipped so they are clear???
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