[Histonet] Rudeness on the Histonet

From:"Jasper, Thomas G."

Dear All,
I have been following this thread with interest and am not surprised that it
has finally come to this much discussion.  I must concur with Dawn
Truscott's comment about not saying anything.  Despite what some people
might think there really are no dumb questions.  The only thing that's dumb
is not asking questions.  There is a tremendous amount skill, expertise and
knowledge on this listserver, yet we are all human and less than perfect.
I also understand the reluctance that people could feel after some of the
"high horse" responses that have come out on the Histonet.  A certain
individual that posts frequently on the Histonet seems to be uniquely
skilled at delivering thinly veiled derogatory responses.  I find this to be
tactless and totally unnecessary.  It's also a downright shame as many
people have sought out this person as a resource only to be rebuffed and
chastised.  I recall an episode back in 2001 which so surprised me that I
printed out the thread and saved it.  I then privately e-mailed the party
asking for help, a reassuring message that the question posted was valid and
deserving of a well mannered response.
I realize people are going to say and do what they want to and they should.
If someone's post irritates another so much, that a snide remark or some
less than kind response is deemed necessary, I would suggest e-mailing these
remarks privately.  When it comes to answering questions and sharing
knowledge, most certainly this information should be out in the public forum
for all.  The condescension and elitism don't need to be on the Histonet.
Thank you.
Thomas Jasper HT(ASCP)BAS
Anatomic Pathology Coordinator
SMDC Clinical Laboratory
Duluth, MN

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