[Histonet] Rudeness


Two additional comments:

1. Interpretation - Histonet is a WRITTEN format, but when we read it, we
put our own inflections to the words.

So sometimes I  have read a response, and think the person is being rude,
and later when I re-read it (or have more information), I realize that I had
put the wrong spin on it. Conversely, I have read responses that I thought
were helpful, and was later surprised to see others "attacking" the response
for being rude.

2. Additional information needed in the original question - I think this is
more true of "first time askers" - but those questions that often get the
"rude" responses are often the one sentence questions.

"I need a schedule to process tissue X."

I read this, and don't even know where to start to respond, because I don't
know the background on this.
- biopsy or 5x5x2 mm?
- by hand or which processor?
- which solutions?
- which fixative?
- has the person been a histotech for 20 years and this is the first time
for this tissue, or is this person in the second week of a college histology
class and doesn't even know how to pronounce "xylene"?

This is where I see the comments - "read a book".

So - for those asking the questions - please give us a little more
background information, so we know exactly where to help you.
- What exactly you want
- What you have available
- What you've tried so far.
- Maybe even your certification and maybe your lab (or a hint as to type
(hospital, research, private, histology, IHC, etc.) if you don't want to
give out the name of your institution.

For those willing to help - feel free to politely ask questions for

For those not willing to take the time to ask the questions for
clarification, that's OK too. Just don't answer. Answering on Histonet is
optional, and a privilege.

Just my opinions.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS

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