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From:"Rittman, Barry"

Not wishing to prolong the debate but...

As I get older I realize that I had some misconceptions earlier in my
life (I have different ones now).

I used to use terms such as common courtesy and common sense. 
Now I am not so sure these are true terms.

I believe that it is common courtesy to hold a door open for someone no
matter what gender, age, ethnicity (or dress sense).
It is also common courtesy to thank the person holding the door open. 
It is common courtesy not to block the grocery aisle when talking to
another person, etc., etc.
These are however things that are taught and while easy to learn are
often not taught. 
Unfortunately in many cases individuals do not think about what they are
doing and these "niceties" are often ignored.

Common sense is also in many cases a misconception. This is evident by
the Darwinian awards and other examples. I remember seeing an individual
some years ago weighing out 20 gms of EDTA from a new 500 gm. bottle.
Half the bottle was on the balance pan. No dah!  I refrained from using
the initial words that cast doubt on the genetic makeup of the
individual and pointed out their error in a kind and diplomatic manner
that first time.
Mr. John Linder the senior technician who trained my wife and I, taught
us to think carefully about everything that we did in the lab. This he
regarded as the most important part of our training. In our modern world
we spend too much time carrying out tasks and too little time thinking
about what we are doing. I believe that thinking carefully about what we
are doing to a large extent is responsible for what we perceive as
"common sense". The world is becoming so computer dependent that often
we do not look carefully at what we write or what we do. (I did spell
check this article but also read it before sending out).
Think about what would happen if the cash registers in stores were
suddenly to be eliminated - all trade would immediately cease.
As you can tell I've been thinking, but cannot guarantee it will result
in my having more common sense.
Have a great weekend (only if you want and are able to!!).

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I have been using it for several months now and have seen no evidence of
lifting, not to say that it wont happen in the future. A friend of mine
has beeen using it for several years now with no problems
Mike Rice
Holy Cross hospital
ft lauderdale

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What is the concensus of opinion on Mercedes Medicals coverslipping
I got a sample to try and the girls I work with said they had it before,
(I don't know how long ago) and in a couple days it started lifting. 

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