[Histonet] RE: how to search for antibodies (a user's advice)

From:"Laszlo Komuves"

Dear Histonetters,

There have been a lot of postings about antibody sources recently.

I would highly recommend to search the following resources:

ABCAM ( http://www.abcam.com ) : The search is free but you have to sign up. It is an excellent resource albeit it is biased towards their own antibodies (BTW, I have used many of them, they are excellent) or partner (?) companies (such as Novus).

Linscott's directory ( http://www.linscottsdirectory.com ) : There is a yearly membership fee. The database is enormous, well-updated, with links to manufacturers and/or vendors.

I used to use a third one  (something like MSDS) but somehow lost connection to it (if any one of you can direct me to this site, greatly appreciated.

In addition, there are several biomedical resource sites  ( I use Biosource, http://www.biocompare.com ), where you can find antibodies.

Also there are not that many immunoreagent suppliers. My list includes about 30 companies and I probably buy a wider range of antibodies than most labs because of the diverse interest/need at our company. It is not that difficult to search those major suppliers.

For a recent inquire, I run a Linscott's search and found several anti-mouse RANK-L antibodies made by R&D Systems ( http://www.rndsystems ). In fact, knowing their product line and their emphasis on cytokine/chemokine/signalling Abs, I should have searched their site first.

If you search these databases, and build your on database (just add the links of your major suppliers to your favorites folder in your browser), you will find most of the antibodies faster than wait for a Histonet response (which might not be accurate anyway). It could save you your personal time as well as the time of people who read HISTONET.

Laszlo Komuves

FROM:  László G. Komuves PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Manager, Microscopy Core Laboratory
CORGENTECH, Inc., 650 Gateway Blvd., South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: (650) 246-6905, Fax: (650) 624-7540, E-mail: komuves@corgentech.com

BTW, I have not gotten and not going to accept any financial or non-financial compensation from any companies I mentioned. Furthermore, I am not associated with these companies (apart from being a user/customer).

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