[Histonet] RE: Rudeness on Histonet


I have been treated rudely also. I have e-mailed the histonet for a vendor's # or for other info and I will have people rerspond back with try google search.

I know how to search for something via google or yellowpages.com but prefer to use the histonet because of the vast number of vendors that subscribe to the histonet. So not only do I receive the # I am asking for I also receive info from other vendors that I would not receive if I look it up on google.

I wish those that think I am an idiot for not using google would just not respond to my request. If it bothers them so much that I am requesting info via the Histonet. It takes much less time to hit their delete button than it does for them to e-mail me a rude, condescending message.

I would like to add that for the most part I receive prompt useful replys, it is just a few people that reply with rude answers.

Marsha Price

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