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From:"El Jai, Y."

I am one of the people that had no experience in histology at all until the past few months.
Besides barely anyone in my lab or the department is doing any. So when I found the Histonet,
 and realised I could get advice, it was a great opportunity for me as it is difficult sometimes
to to some research via google, without spending hours and without being sure of having found
what we need. Having discussions with people who have the experience is most times just as useful if not more
than reading a protocol. Fortunately the experience I had was really helpful and I even stayed in touch
with another histonetter who sent me more advice later on. I think that is the exact aim of this forum:
share experiences and give advice (receive in my case), whatever our background is.
It is a real shame that some people get rude answers as it is a place to be communicative and construtive.
I hope that I will get some advice and help the next time I need any and would be more than happy to share
my experiences with someone who might need it.
Happy new year to everyone!

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