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From:Paul Bradbury

I have not been paying attention to the Histonet for the past couple of 
days and so my comments are a little late.

The initial inquiry about "advice on perfusion solutions" was a little 
vague. My own interpretation of this message was that the writer had 
minimal understanding of the topic and needed comprehensive advice 
starting at a very basic level. (having read later responses, this is 
apparently not the case)

I am sure John Kiernan's response was not intended to the rude or 
condescending. I have known John for many years and he is one of the 
most "giving" individuals on the Histonet. One has only to look through 
the archives to see the vast number of times that he has provided 
responses to complex and/or obscure inquiries. He is probably one of 
Histonet's most patient and valued contributors.

My personal interpretation of his response was that he was giving 
Kristen sound advice so that she would not be drifting vaguely through 
unknown territory. He was providing "fatherly" advice so that she could 
go to her boss with a list of steps to be followed to obtain the 
information she was apparently seeking.
There are many enquiries on Histonet where it seems that the writer has 
minimal understanding of the topic, or has little knowledge of basic 
concepts. A vaguely worded enquiry may prompt a reply of "buy a book", 
"go read the book", or "take a course". These comments are not meant to 
be rude or condescending; sometimes there is just not enough time or 
space to provide reams of basic information. The Histonet is an 
invaluable resource, with numerous highly talented, knowledgeable 
contributors, but it is not the ideal forum for fundamental instruction. 
Sometimes, people have to go out there and do what John (and many 
others) did ... read, take courses, experiment with different procedures 
... don't expect to be spoon-fed.

Just my thoughts, now I have to go shovel snow off the driveway,

Paul Bradbury
Kamloops, BC

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