Re: [Histonet] Sections floating off of slides

From:Paul Bradbury

Hi Becky,

Keeping brain sections on the slide has always been a problem. Over the 
years, I have tried plain slides, coated slides, textured slides, etc. 
Sometimes they seem to work, sometimes they fail, there does not seem to 
be a guaranteed method.

One adhesive that was very successful is methyl cellulose. A small 
amount sprinkled on the suface of the water bath and allowed to dissolve 
was probably the best brain adhesive I have tried. Methyl cellulose is 
available in most paint/decorating stores as an adhesive for 
wallpaper.   In low concentrations, it does not seem to react with most 
stains and dyes, so the background stays clear. I have no idea how it 
reacts with immunohistochemical techniques, I have not used this stuff 
since IHC became routine. Give it a try, it might work for you too. Pick 
up the sections onto the slides, allow them to drain and dry them for an 
hour or two at 60 degrees.

Paul Bradbury
Kamloops, BC

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