RE: [Histonet] murine eosinophil immunostaining

From:Gayle Callis

Dear Patsy,

The group specifically requested immunostaining which is being abandoned in 
favor of Bryan Llewwllyn's siruius red, compliments of Ian Montgomery and 
does stain murine eosinophils very well.  I have seen murine eo's in H&E 
but I am deferring to a more specific request and certainly a lot cheaper 
in terms of time and money than enumerating murine eosinophils in 6 lung 
samples using IHC!!

I saw a great deal of discussion on murine eosinophils in the HISTONET 
archives, with the same answers I have collected.

It turns out that there is no specific murine eosinophil antibody at this 
time, something we are looking for and we may try the MONOSAN (aka 
available through Cedarlane and/or Accurate in USA), murine antihuman BMK13 
in the future.  At this time IHC is on hold in favor of saving big bucks 
and time.

At 08:58 AM 1/8/2005, you wrote:
>Gayle have you tried just ordinary H&E or wright/giemsa type stains which
>usually stain eosinophils nicely in my hands, even murine
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>Subject: [Histonet] murine eosinophil immunostaining
>We are embarking on murine eosinophil staining on FFPE fixed lung (not
>short fixation time!).  I will be doing other searches for available
>antibodies to detect eosinophils, but would like any recommendations from
>laboratories successfully doing murine eosinophil IHC.
>1.  Whether this will work on FFPE tissue, if so, retrieval?
>2.  Are frozen sections a preference - something I would prefer to do
>3. Antibody source
>Any other suggestions will be welcome as this is NOT a project that
>originated in our laboratory so we have no control on fixation time in NBF.

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