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Good Morning,

Several things can help even if raising the humidity to 50% or higher is not
possible.  One of the first things I learned was to watch what I wear in the
winter.  Many of the polyester, acrylic or other man-made fabrics develop
static electricity in the cold and it is good to touch something to
discharge any built up static on you or your clothing by touching something
metal often.  If you see that telltale spark or feel the charge you are
adding to the problem.

I place a dryer sheet like Bounce on the back of my knife stage and if it
gets really bad use it to wipe down the surfaces of the microtome and my
hands.  They are cheap and do help a little.  I have tried using a
humidifier near the microtome and is limited in how much help it can be as
the heating system is taking it out as fast I can put it in.

Don't have any alcohol or xylene near the cutting are if possible that
brings it down more.  Plants do help if you have sunlight and space.  They
won't solve the whole problem.   (I only rubber sole shoes in the lab.)
Hope something here helps.

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> Our lab has sectioning problems in the winter because of static
> electricity
> and low humidity.   Can anyone tell me what is the ideal humidity
> for  good
> quality sectioning in histology, and if the humidity  is too low
> in the lab
> (ours runs between 32% and 38% in  the winter), what is the best
> way to raise it
> without creating a draft or other  sectioning difficulties?
> Thanks for your advice.
> Karen Raterman
> St. Mary's Health Center
> St. Louis, MO 63117
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