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From:"Morken, Tim - Labvision"

Thanks for the plug Bonnie, and now about my NSH Access for Histology
workshop -- hopefully we'll have it again in 2005!

Anyway, Access is a powerful program, and small databases can be put
together very quickly, but it does have a steep learning curve for advanced
use. And you need a little visual basic programming to get the full benefit.
FilemakerPro is "easier" in the sense that the macro language is plain
english and so easier to comprehend. I've done extensive databases in both
and think both are good. There are quite a few commercial LIS applications
out there built on Access.

One caveat about building databases for lab use: Make sure someone besides
the original designer knows how it works, because if that person leaves, the
application may quickly become useless as no one can fix it or modify it!

Tim Morken
Lab Vision - Neomarkers

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Maybe Tim Morken will speak up here..... He has used Access extensively, and
very successfully.

Bonnie Whitaker

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Access was a little too much for some of  the PhD's to comprehend here - 
so we went to a very simple program, FileMakerPro.  I use it to log 
virtually everything - Accession numbers, workload, IHC requests - you 
name it.  I designed the database to fit my needs, so of course I love it. 
 My only gripe is that you don't have to hit a save key when you enter 
information - so if you make a mistake and accidentally hit the wrong key 
or enter data in the wrong file, you'd never know it - well, until it was 
found later.  Besides that - it's great.  It has a lock out function, too, 
so that other people cant enter data - we have it on our common drive so 
the info is accessible to everyone, but only a select few can enter 
selected data.
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        Subject:        [Histonet] MS access and histology

Hello again
I'm thinking of setting up a system for not only supplies and 
inventory....but to use access for logging request (levels, recuts, ipox 
request, special stains, etc.) I hoping to get rid of binders of manually 
logged paper tasks, print monthly tables, be able to extract information 
as I build my data base for use in statistics.

There is a two day Access training seminar coming up soon.  I'm doing 
ebook instructionals beforehand.  I found myself wondering how extensively 
Access is being used in histology for logging request, special stains and 

Any suggestions are very welcomed.

Deb King
Sacramento, CA 

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