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Hi Everyone,
If you check the original post you'll find we're talking about mouse
tissue.  We too have great success with cd4 & cd8 but in ffpe Human
tissue not mouse.
Good Luck,
Lee Ann Baldridge

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To All,

We have used CD4 and CD8 from Novocastra with great success on FFPE.
Also CD4 from Zymed works on FFPE- all need EDTA retreival.

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We've been using CD4 & CD8 on FFPE tissues with not much problem.

They are from Neomarkers (

CD4 Ab-8 

CD8 Ab-1 

Kristen Broomall, HT (ASCP)

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As discussed many times on Histonet, CD4 will NEVER work on FFPE!  FYI,
also will not work.

If you have to run all these antibodies on the same sample, you will
to do frozen sections in order to accomadate the CD4.  FS are air dried 
overnight at RT over dessicant.   To improve morphology, use 75% 
acetone/25% absolute ethanol (no substitute on alcohol here) for 5 min
RT next day.  Do NOT air dry again, go directly from fixative to buffer
then stain.  We actually use biotinylated primaries more than purified, 
then come back with Strepavidin-HRP, then DAKO AEC+ or Chris van der
AEC - his formulation is excellent inhouse chromogen.  Using
primaries shortens a protocol!

We buy all antibodies, monoclonals from BD PharminGen.  SEROTEC is
supplier.  These are rat antimouse monoclonals.

At 01:59 PM 1/10/2005, you wrote:
>I need to run these antibodies on mouse tissue.  Can anyone recommend
>a good source and if they might possibly work in FFPE tissue or do I
>need to use frozens.
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