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I would see if someone in your area has a set of traceable weights that you
could use to validate your weights.  You could take your weights to their
institution, weigh yours and theirs and record the difference, etc.  I think
that with sufficient documentation to back up your weights, the ones you
have could be validated for use.

Bonnie Whitaker

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Hi Brian:

    I must admit that I was skeptical until I looked in the Fischer 
catalogue, a complete set of weights lists for $980. That said, what is 
the matter with your "old" weights? Maybe if you need great accuracy to 
4 decimal places you might need some very precise weights, but otherwise 
I think not. What sort of reagent needs that degree of precision?
    When we had Mettler come out and calibrate out balances the 
technician always had his own set of weights. I would talk to the 
manufacturer, the vendor and whoever is providing service.


Winters, Bert wrote:

>We have a new balance that needs to be calibrated by our biomed. 
>department before we can put it in service. The weights that we having 
>using for years are no longer the correct standard for calibrating the 
>scale and biomed tells us we need to order special weight that will 
>exceed $1,000. Does anyone know of a service that will come out and 
>calibrate the scale. That seems to be a more cost efficient way of 
>taking care of this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
>                          Bert Winters, Northwest community hospital
>                           BWINTERS@NCH.ORG
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