[Histonet] reversible tissue adhesion to slides

From:"Janis C. Weeks"

Dear colleagues,

We are looking for a method to very firmly attach unfixed larval 
Drosophila ventral ganglia to a glass slide so we can slice off one 
surface of the ganglion (to remove neurons that we don't want; it's a 
long story; e-mail me if you want to know), to be followed by 
*releasing the attached tissue* from the slide and preparing primary 
neuronal cultures.  The tissue needs to be kept alive and happy 
under saline.  Polylysine doesn't hold tight enough for the slicing 
step (which we do with a fine blade).  Possibilities that have come 
to mind are using more adhesive slides (e.g., coated with 
aminosilane?), using some sort of double-stick tape, or a 
releasable glue (e.g., something like vetbond but that can be made 
to release?).  Obviously part of the difficulty is to release the tissue 
without destroying it.   Does anyone have a suggestion?  thanks!

Janis Weeks

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