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I am looking for a flourescent filter housing unit for
my Zeis standard research microscope (vintage 1980). I
have one slider with installed flourescein and
rhodamine filter sets but want a second slider to
permanently hold a DAPI filter set (rather than having
to unscrew one of the filter sets in my present
housing unit and install the DAPI whenever I want to
use DAPI). The piece I'm looking for is the piece that
slides into the cylindrical tube port just above and
to the right of the objective lenses on these scopes
equipped for fluorescence microscopy. The number
stamped on the unit is 46 63 01-9901. They want $600
for a new one so I'm hoping to find someone who has
one of these things which they no longer use and would
be willing to sell (or give) to me. Please get in
touch if you have such a thing and thanks in advance.
Jan Ryerse ryersejs@slu.edu 314-977-7848
St. Louis University Health Sciences Center 
Dept of Pathology 

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