[Histonet] cross contamination

From:"Scholz, Stephen J."

Hello all;

I have a question for the masses regarding cross contamination in surgical specimens.  I would like know how others are handling situations when a small fragment from one specimen gets embedded with a different case. (probably stuck on  forceps)  When it is obvious upon reading the slide that the fragment doesn't belong does the Histologist remove it?  Does the Pathologist comment in the Path Report and what is the common language used (debris, cross-contaminate, ect)?  What is done from the Pathologist perspective when the contaminate tissue is similar but logic dictates that it doesn't belong with that case. Again, is it mentioned in the report and what language is used to state the Pathologist believes there is incorrect tissue fragments with the case?

I eagerly await your replies,

Stephen J. Scholz HT(ASCP)
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