[Histonet] alternative resin for oil red O

From:Gayle Callis

I have a GMA protocol for lipid oil red O,  using a water/monomer 
gradient.  Technovit 7100 is a GMA resin.  However, you cannot grind a 
section in GMA since the water softens the plastic plus safety factors to 
you, you do not want this plastic on your skin nor breathe vapors 
either.  Microtoming would be difficult if you have metal implant in GMA is 
really designed for thin sections - we never went thicker than 3 um, with 5 
um a rarity as we used GMA for really thin sections.   However, you might 
be successful cutting section with a tungsten carbide blade, however the 
titanium implant will probably ruin the blade edge, a rather expensive 
thing to have happen.  You would be limited to a thinner section, 50 um is 
really thick for plastic microtomed sections.

I presume when you say "soft tissue on titane", you mean the tissue 
contains titanium implant?

At 09:06 AM 1/7/2005, you wrote:
>wich resin do you think i have to use for embedding my simples and 
>staining with oil red ? i 've heard of technovit do you konw it is it good ?
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