[Histonet] Sections being chewed up.

From:Brian Dias

hi everyone,
    i'm trying to get my immunohistochemistry on slides to work for several 
antigens and have been successful in doing so in the past whilst preserving 
tissue morphology on the slides at the same time. of late, i've been 
getting tissue that looks chewed up, pock-marked (really badly)after i get 
thru' the ICC (this happens to both my fresh frozen as well as perfused 
section slides, more with the fresh frozen). the antigen staining still 
exists BUT is extremely hazy due to the tissue morphology.
    any input is welcome.
thanks a ton

ps just thought this might be of interest to the list users: in the past i 
had issues with my 30um sections falling off slides whilst performing my 
ICC. that problem was solved by using Superfrost Plus Gold slides from Erie 
Scientific (thanks barbara!!!)

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