[Histonet] Re: long term storage of slides

From:LuAnn Anderson

Bielschowsky silver stain is also affected by long term storage of 
slides--talking months not days. I always cut fresh sections for Biel's.

At 10:06 AM 1/5/05, Gayle Callis wrote:
>Depending on the kind of staining wanted, I have stained paraffin sections 
>on slides that were stored for years and didn't have any adverse 
>effects.  I was not doing immunostaining, just special stains.
>Caveat:  some special stains may be affected by long term storage, one 
>reported is Masson's Trichchrome for collagen.  I would also be careful 
>about longer term storage for immunohistochemical stains.  Days are 
>probably not a problem.
>This has been discussed before on Histonet, check the archives for further 
>  and At 02:57 PM 1/3/2005, you wrote:
>>Hello everybody,
>>I was wondering how long paraplast sections that have been
>>mounted on slides could be left alone after drying before
>>staining.  Is there any reason they couldn't be left for days
>>or weeks?
>>Thanks for your advice,
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