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From:Gayle Callis

WE have 3 Leica 1850, but we work at cryostats for hours using a pneumatic 
chair to adjust height to accomodate for tall or short technicians.  If you 
have to do any weird reaching for controls inside or outside the 
cryostat,  watch out, they should be within easy reach of fingertips.

Check for easy reach to flywheel and any strange angled position of 
fingers, thumb or wrist when working touchpads is uncomfortable.  Go for 
semi automated or automated and reevaluate how you work at a cryostat that 
adds to back and shoulder problems.   Ergonomics is more than just a new 
cryostat, but how you operate, sit, bend even at the new ones.

The variable height chair has proven invaluable, not just some funky cheap 
stool, or bending over the chamber - seat yourself comfortably and it 
improves access to all controls.

At 02:45 PM 1/13/2005, you wrote:
>We have a 6 year old cryostat that has been used heavily and I am looking 
>for input from experts on a good cryostat that is user friendly and 
>ergonomically designed (?).  We had problems with some users having 
>shoulder and back pains after prolonged use of the cryostat.  We had our 
>institution's wellness expert come and take a look at how the cryostat is 
>used and essentially he said to get rid of it.  So, before we 
>invest   money on a new unit we would like to hear from cryostat users in 
>the field.  Needless to say we will arrange for demos of  different units 
>but any tips or comments beforehand will be most appreciated.
>Cora Bucana
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