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From:"C.M. van der Loos"

Hi Gayle,

I have an antibody here against human eosinophils that stains like 
hell. The datasheet said nothing if other species are stained or not. 
Considering the huge staining intensity it seems worthwhile to test 
(with a mouse-on-mouse detection system): anti-Eosinophil Major Basic 
Protein, mouse monoclonal antibody clone BMK-13 (MonoSan 6008, see: 
www.monosan.com). The antibody stains cryostat sections, smears and 
FFPE's (after pepsin pretreatment).

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>From  Gayle Callis  
Date  Thu, 06 Jan 2005 09:56:29 -0700 
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Subject  [Histonet] murine eosinophil immunostaining 

We are embarking on murine eosinophil staining on FFPE fixed lung (not 
short fixation time!).  I will be doing other searches for available 
antibodies to detect eosinophils, but would like any recommendations 
laboratories successfully doing murine eosinophil IHC.

1.  Whether this will work on FFPE tissue, if so, retrieval?

2.  Are frozen sections a preference - something I would prefer to do 

3. Antibody source

Any other suggestions will be welcome as this is NOT a project that 
originated in our laboratory so we have no control on fixation time in 
Gayle Callis
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