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Dear Julie and Liz,
How about using the anti-Ki67 rabbit monoclonal (clone SP6, 
LabVision/Neomarkers)? This antibody worked in my hands on human, mouse 
and rat tissue very well! And you don't have this mouse-on-mouse 
problem. Just 15 min HIER in EDTA9.0 and a polymer/HRP detection.
Hope this helps.

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The Ki-67 from Dako that works on mouse tissue is the rat anti-mouse
Ki-67 (clone TEC-3), cat # M7249. The MIB-5 works on rat tissue.  As far
as I am aware these Ki-67 antibodies from dako do not cross react with
other species.  For Ki-67 I use three different antibodies, one for
human, one for mouse and one for rat.  I have tried the human on rat and
mouse and I know that does not work.  I'm assuming the MIB-5 will not
work on mouse, plus it's a mouse monoclonal.  I normally try to stay
away from mouse on mouse if other antibodies are available.  I use the
rat anti-mouse Ki-67 at 1:50 with steam retrieval.  I have images and a
more detailed protocol if you would like


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I have another question.

I am trying to get Dako's Ki-67 MIB-5 working on FFPE mouse tissue. I
heard that it works on mouse tissue and it works great on FFPE human
Does anyone have a great protocol for mouse?



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